New Build Boats - Referral program for existing Boatshed members

We are thrilled to present our commission sharing program, open to all Boatshed members worldwide. This initiative is designed to empower you to discover and refer potential New Build Boat Manufacturers (NBBMs) to Boatshed while earning commission.

Seize the opportunity to participate in this program and refer NBBMs to Boatshed with ease. Here's how you can be a part of it:

Step 1 - Application Process:

If you become aware of a potential New Build Boat Manufacturer interested in marketing their boats with Boatshed, we kindly request you to send Bruce an email at

In your email, please provide the following details about the NBBM:

  • NBBM Brand Name
  • NBBM Contact Name
  • NBBM Address
  • NBBM Phone
  • NBBM Email
  • NBBM Website
  • How long has the NBBM been established?
  • How many different boat models does the NBBM currently offer?

Step 2 - Review and Agreement:

Upon receipt of your NBBM referral, Bruce Stirk, our dedicated contact for all new build brands, will conduct a thorough review. If the NBBM meets our criteria, he will initiate discussions regarding the agreement between Boatshed and the NBBM. Once the agreement is mutually agreed upon and signed, our collaboration will commence.

Step 3 - Commission Structure:

At Boatshed, we believe in maintaining fair and equitable partnerships. Our standard commission for New Build Boat Manufacturers is 10%, calculated based on the final selling price of the new build boat.

Step 4 - Referral Rewards:

As a Sub Boatshed Broker (SBB), your efforts in introducing a New Build Boat Manufacturer to our New Build Boats Division will be duly rewarded. Upon the successful sale of the first boat, you will receive a commendable 20% share of the commission.

Step 5 - SBB Website Referral:

Furthermore, we extend our appreciation by offering an extra 10% share of the net commission earned by Boatshed when a customer is referred through your Sub Boatshed Broker website.

Example 1 (introduction from website): Boat sells for $100,000 with a 10% commission = $10,000.

Example 2 (introduction from an SBB website): Boat sells for $100,000 with a 10% commission = $10,000. As the SBB, you will receive 10% commission, amounting to $1,000 in this case. Rest assured, we diligently monitors all leads to ensure that Sub Boatshed Brokers receive their rightful commission when a boat is sold.

Please be advised that all new boats must undergo this referral process. Additionally, each case is carefully reviewed, and approval for listing new build boats is subject to a thorough evaluation. In certain cases, some NBBMs may not be admitted to the program.

We genuinely appreciate your support and participation in this program. Your engagement is instrumental in further expanding the Boatshed community and showcasing exceptional boats to our global audience.

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