BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Developing Your Territory

Developing Your Territory 

Are you interested in developing your territory and potentially selling or sub licensing your area to new Boatshed businesses or partners? 

If you wish to develop your Boatshed territory there are two options available: 

Option 1 - A direct sale of a piece of territory to a new business partner. If you wish to sell the territory, you need to tell us what price you'd like to sell it for and upon the sale price there will be a commission payable to Boatshed which will take care of training the new person coming in. 

Option 2 - If you wish to dispose of some of your territory this is a sublease arrangement. Under the sublease arrangement you would release a portion of your territory with enough berths to support a Boatshed business.  Going forward, the commission gained by Boatshed from this territory would be split 50/50 with you. 

If you are proposing either a sale of territory or a sublease, we will consider all of the elements before authorising you to go ahead on this basis. 

Developing your Territory? What to do next? 

Should you wish to release some or all of your territory, we will require you to contact us with the following information: 

Do you want to sell the area outright or are you interested to sublease part of your territory and share commission ongoing with HQ? 

If you want to sell your area, what price would you like to achieve? Please also include the following information:   (Please also refer to the terms in your Licence Agreement re. Selling your territory), paying particular reference to royalty when selling your territory and training/set/ongoing support fees).

  • The exact geographical area, marked out on a map, that you wish to release
  • The number of berths in that area
  • Current listings that you have for sale in that area
  • Previous business that you have done in the area
  • Amount of commission earned in the area previously (past 1 - 3 years)
  • Please let us know what competition you have from other brokers?
  • Any other associated information (how have you arrived at this figure) 

The above information needs to reflect a viable business offer, should we decide that any proposal is not viable we will not be able to market the business.

Any candidates wishing to purchase a Boatshed business will go through our standard due diligence process and ultimately Boatshed reserve the right on whether to accept an application from new business owners. 

If you do not contact us about the sale of your territory, we will not advertise the territory as available, nor will we have any conversations from interested parties.  We will simply say that no territory is available to purchase or lease in that area. 

Notes; Current commission rates will be honoured at the current licence percentage rate that you hold in the case of a sale.  Therefore, if you sell an area of territory for a fixed fee, going forward, the person you sell it to will pay the licence fee that you have on your current contract for the life of that contract.  After that, it will change to 20 percent.  On a subleasing deal, it will go to 20 percent immediately.  




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